About me

My existence in the world involves many chance encounters.
The following words fall in random order:
Stacking, Chaos, Organizing, Flying, Social, Black, Helping, Power floating, Wine,
Limiting, Birds, Film, Crossing Borders, Thinking, Red, Interest, Technologies,
Reflection, Light, Aesthetics, Extreme perspective, Cheerful, Simply, Control,
Enthusiastic, Coordinate, Openness, Dance, Flexible, Acting, Japan, Meeting challenges,
Art, Reckless, Traveling, Wondering, Energetic, Meeting, Intimate, Groundbreaking,
Smiling, Opera, Concepts, swerve off topic, Optimistic, Ideas,
On the road, Science.

Montenegro: ’Just a little talk in the elevator’;
Netherlands: ’What’s NOW the most important thing in your life’;
Japan: ’What’s your secret?’;

Els Schuch
Secrets Thoughts.
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